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Fusebill provides businesses with cloud-based financial and accounting processes, including core accounting, billing and invoicing, financial reporting and more. The system is suitable for small businesses, as well as midsize companies seeking a scalable billing solution.

Fusebill helps businesses update and adapt to changes in products and promotions. Sales and marketing team members can use Fusebill to manage new opportunities. Fusebill also provides automated dunning and checks to maintain accurate and up-to-date billing information.

Fusebill offers integration with both Salesforce and Netsuite, so users can input customer information without needing to switch between programs. The customer self-service portal allows customers to log in and view their own accounts. Fusebill is also PC1 level compliant.


Fusebill - Reports calendar
  • Fusebill - Reports calendar
    Reports calendar
  • Fusebill - Customer reports
    Customer reports
  • Fusebill - Customers and subscriptions
    Customers and subscriptions
  • Fusebill - Revenue and collections
    Revenue and collections
  • Fusebill - Monthly recurring revenue
    Monthly recurring revenue
  • Fusebill - Invoices
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Linux, Unix, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Brian from IntellD
Specialty: Advertising

August 2015

August 2015

Great piece of accounting software



Product Quality

Customer Support
Likes Best

This is a great piece of accounting software. It is pretty customizable, easy to use and it offers great set of accounting features. I use it for my new small business and it is one of my favorite software products for running my office. Highly recommended

Likes Least

Everything looks cool, I like it! I can't say anything bad about it because it looks and feels great.


Keep it simple, but feature-rich! Offer great customization features.

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