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GoCodes is a web-based Fixed Asset Accounting solution that is compatible with many devices and platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Mac, and PC. The core of the system is a fixed asset accounting module and inventory management capabilities, it also includes field service request and maintenance module. 

A central database tracks asset information like maintenance scheduling, cost, depreciation, and location. Inventory information is kept up-to-date through tracking of product levels using smart devices. Companies that implement GoCodes will receive patented QR code asset tags and labels that work seamlessly with the software. Once the asset tag is scanned, public asset and company information can be viewed and a message can be sent to the company. Employees can login and view and update asset information as well as checking assets in/out.

GoCodes is recommended to small and medium-sized companies in a number of industries, including accounting, education, construction, engineering, and healthcare. Since it’s web-based and works on existing hardware, companies don’t need to spend money on new hardware or IT support to implement the system. A free 30-day trial is offered to companies interested in evaluating GoCodes.


Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Linux, Unix, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Douglas from EMW Productions
Specialty: Advertising

July 2015

July 2015

GoCodes, how it helps EMW Productions in Asset Mangegement



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

The product is super east to use a "no brainer" really. The ability to track our assets is simplified and I as CTO can manage the location, check in check out and the maintenance, warranty, etc of each asset is a key to proper asset control.

Likes Least

No GPS. No, seriously, I've talked with my peers and yes there is a strong placement for GPS tracking but dollar to dollar GoCodes is the best and most viable solution for multi office asset control.

The tag quality, but that is only because I choose the cheapest tags to start with. Next batch will be the more durable tags.


Talk to GoCodes first. Tell them what you really need, what information, what tracking options and what you see as the final result and use. These guys are the experts and their advice is timely and pertinent, or it was for me and EMW Productions.

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