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Infor's Office of the CFO solutions were created to address the particular needs of the Chief Financial Officer. With a host of features developed to gather, organize, manage, and analyze financial data, Infor's Office of the CFO solutions offer a cost-effective way to maintain control and visibility of all aspects of a company's finances. This complete financial system is a great fit for mid-size to large businesses in several key industries, including banking, nonprofit, oil and gas, and retail. In fact, Infor's Office of the CFO solutions can be easily customized to fit each individual industry, providing business analytics and financial management that is as unique as the industries they serve.

One of our favorite features about this system is that it helps streamline and organize the vast amounts of data that the average business executive receives, saving time that would have been spent sorting through this information. This way, business decisions can be made quickly and accurately, and more time can be spent analyzing the data instead of searching through it.

Infor's Office of the CFO solutions are available as both web-based and on-premise applications, and they work on mobile devices, providing convenient access to asset and financial information. Notifications are sent directly to the executive, so that important financial decisions can be made from anywhere. This flexible system can grow easily with any business, and helps maintain the difficult balance between the desire for business growth, and the need to keep costs and spending under control. 


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Peter from TouchstoneEnergy
Specialty: Oil & Gas / Energy

January 2016

January 2016

I have used INFOR SunSystems for than 20yrs



Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality
Likes Best

SunSystems has brilliant analytical and multi-currency capabilities - the system is designed by accountants for accountants. SunSystems has superb information management and reporting with dynamic access to information (upload and download) using spreadsheet with full control, audit and user management.

Likes Least

We wish it had a fully integrated eProcurement suite. It has basic Purchasing, but not it best feature. Some improvements are required for inter-company transaction processing, but otherwise "it does what it says on the tin"


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