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Up Your Cash Flow is a powerful, user-friendly system that has been providing robust budgeting and forecasting applications for over two decades. It was created by a CPA and designed to give fellow professionals, CPAs, accountants, CFOs, controllers and small business owners the tools to better understand and manage their future financial activities.

By offering varying levels of coverage, Up Your Cash Flow allows businesses to choose exactly the amount of functionality that suits their needs. For beginners, The One Hour Forecaster uses a 12-step wizard to give a simple and clear picture of future cash flow requirements. This package is easily upgraded to the advanced and professional tiers, Smart Start and XT2. Each tier offers a similar, friendly interface, making for a smooth transitional upgrade when your business is ready.

We like Up Your Cash Flow because it is a fully integrated program. Build the budget and all repots are automatically generated, P&L, cash flow and balance sheets, and many more. It was designed to help users avoid forumla and model building. You can project everything you need in as little or as much detail as you require. Up Your Cash Flow is backed by a support team of professional accountants and they also offer consulting services at a fixed fee.

With its user-friendly interface and powerful forecasting tools, Up Your Cash Flow is a great fit for companies in most verticals that are looking to gain a quick visibility into their financial future.


Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8

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Syd from Daily Balance

October 2012

Date: October 2012


Antonia from XL Construction Corporation

October 2012

Date: October 2012