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Vyte.in is a cloud-based scheduling application that acts as a personal meeting assistant for users by enabling them to schedule one-on-one or group meetings with other users. The product offers cross-company calendar sharing and is suited for the needs of small to midsize businesses.

Vyte.in allows users to make appointment suggestions directly from the calendar by offering features such as suggesting meeting location, automatically syncing time zones, double-booking rejection and the ability to view other invitees’ schedules and suggest appointment times accordingly.

This solution allows invitees to vote for their preferred time slots from any device type without the need to sign up first. Vyte.in allows users to confirm appointments in one click and instantly send email confirmations to invitees.

The product offers integration with major calendar applications including Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple’s Calendar. Vyte.in caters to the needs of professional in digital marketing, IT services and digital learning verticals.


Vyte.in - Calendar scheduling
  • Vyte.in - Calendar scheduling
    Calendar scheduling
  • Vyte.in - Schedule meetings
    Schedule meetings
  • Vyte.in - Appointment confirmation
    Appointment confirmation
  • Vyte.in - Mobile interface
    Mobile interface
  • Vyte.in - Multiple devices
    Multiple devices
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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