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Buyer's Guide

by Justin Guinn,
Market Research Associate
Last Updated: March 14, 2017

Our research shows that punctuality is a top concern among field service customers. In fact, 64 percent of consumers we surveyed won’t do business with an HVAC company again if technicians are up to an hour late for an appointment. Since HVAC is a competitive segment, businesses can’t afford this type of customer attrition.

With HVAC GPS tracking software, you won’t have to worry about losing customers because of tardy technicians. This software gives operators the ability to accurately track, route and even dispatch specific employees and/or vehicles.

There are many considerations when purchasing GPS tracking software for your HVAC company. For example, do you simply need a fleet management system, or will you need a whole field service software suite? Let us help you answer these questions and find the best HVAC GPS software for your business.

Get pricing information, or read on to learn about:

What Is HVAC GPS Tracking Software?
Common Functionality of HVAC GPS Tracking Software
Benefits of HVAC GPS Tracking Software

What Is HVAC GPS Tracking Software?

HVAC GPS tracking software is designed to help you keep track of your employees and equipment in the field. This technology can come packaged in a full-fledged field service management system that helps you manage every aspect of your business. Or it may simply be part of a fleet management-oriented system that helps you track your vehicles, employees and inventory.

To manage employee locations, GPS-enabled tracking devices are typically installed into vehicles. Some offerings also monitor employees and assets via mobile devices. No matter the medium, GPS tracking systems provide you with detailed reporting on data such as location and travel histories. They also monitor driving metrics, such as average speed, acceleration and braking.

What’s more, tracking software can work in tandem with real-time inventory management technology, allowing you to see the parts and tools each truck in the field is carrying. This ensures that you’re dispatching properly equipped technicians to complete the jobs you’re assigning them.

The robust service dispatching capabilities these systems offer have hugely positive impacts on field service employees’ punctuality. Real-time traffic monitoring enables workers to take the fastest route between job sites.

Finally, GPS tracking systems enable you to monitor the driving habits and performance of employees in the field. Management can use this data to incentivize workers to employ safe driving habits and take better care of company vehicles.

Common Functionality of HVAC GPS Tracking Software

Both fleet management and applicable field service management systems offer similar GPS-enabled functionality. These tools include:

Scheduling and dispatching Field managers and dispatchers can use real-time location data to schedule and dispatch the closest technician to any given work order.
Route planning and optimization Dispatchers and drivers alike can determine the best routes to take based on real-time traffic data.
Equipment tracking Dispatchers can monitor the parts and tools in each truck, so they aren’t sending an ill-equipped technician to a job site.
Driver performance reporting Operators and managers can collect and analyze data on various driving metrics to monitor and incentivize safe, efficient driving.

Benefits of HVAC GPS Tracking Software

To describe the benefits of HVAC GPS tracking software, it’s important to distinguish between the two distinct software offerings. The benefits vary greatly between these types of systems:

Fleet management software that caters to HVAC companies. These systems are specifically designed to manage and track vehicles and technicians in the field. They aren’t typically as robust as traditional field service management software, but may still be a great fit if you’re only concerned about keeping tabs on remote assets.

The benefits of fleet management systems include:

  • A specific focus on real-time monitoring and tracking of field vehicles
  • More robust vehicle maintenance management capabilities
  • In-depth business intelligence and data analytics tools that enable greater efficiency

Field service management software that includes GPS tracking capabilities. These systems may come with GPS tracking out of the box, or offer it as an add-on. Either way, they can help you more effectively route and dispatch service workers.

This is probably the better option for most HVAC companies because of the industry-specific tools these systems provide, including:

  • More accurate work order scheduling due to enhanced daily routing insights
  • On-site functionality for improving work order efficiency and customer experience
  • Customer portals for customers to manage their account and pay invoices themselves at any time

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