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Adaptive Discovery from Adaptive Insights is a web-based visualization platform with drag-and-drop design that allows end users to create new visualizations without the need for additional IT resources.

This solution can incorporate data from a company’s CRM, financial, payroll or operations systems, and information can be broken down by a specific range of time.

Multiple dashboards and perspectives provide users with the tools to customize their views and settings with different key indicators for various departments. Drill down options segment data by specifics, such as customer, product, vendor, or geographic region.

Once Adaptive Discovery is connected to the data sources of choice, charts and graphs can be updated in real time. Adaptive Discovery is compatible with any browser on Macs and PCs.

There is an app for phones or tablets, which can be accessed in real time.


Adaptive Discovery - Company summary
  • Adaptive Discovery - Company summary
    Company summary
  • Adaptive Discovery - Revenue
  • Adaptive Discovery - Sales
  • Adaptive Discovery - Operating expenses
    Operating expenses
  • Adaptive Discovery - Working budget
    Working budget
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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