Analance™ Business Intelligence Suite


Established in 2004, Analance™ Business Intelligence Suite by Ducen is an end-to-end BI solution with a full toolbox of applications to help analyze data effectively. This solution helps businesses use their data to influence key business decisions and increase their bottom-line. Ducen also provides full data integration services, application development and maintenance services, collaboration, and optimization solutions.

We like the easy-to-read dashboards and scorecards that can be shared with necessary departments easily using drag-and-drop functionality. Data is pulled from all relevant sources so that the information compiled for analysis is always complete and up-to-date. Users can customize Key Performance, Risk and Quality Indicators so that presented information is as relevant as possible for each business.

Analance™ Business Intelligence Suite provides the full scope of OLAP data sources so that businesses can fully harness cutting-edge OLAP capabilities. All data is securely stored and users can be set up with varying levels of role based secure program access. This allows for easy and constructive collaboration among key decision-makers; Analance also provides an easy way to organize reports in various formats for simple sharing.

Analance™ Business Intelligence Suite is zero-footprint browser agnostic product rendering pixel-perfect reports optimized to work on all browsers across devices.

Analance™ Business Intelligence Suite is effectively used around the globe; it's currently utilized by businesses in the US, Canada, India, and the Philippines, just to name a few. We recommend Analance™ to mid-size and enterprise-level companies within industry segments such as Telecom, Life Sciences, Healthcare, and Manufacturing.


Analance™ Business Intelligence Suite - Graphs & KPIs
  • Analance™ Business Intelligence Suite - Graphs & KPIs
    Graphs & KPIs
  • Analance™ Business Intelligence Suite - Multi-tab reports
    Multi-tab reports
  • Analance™ Business Intelligence Suite - Revenue dashboard
    Revenue dashboard
  • Analance™ Business Intelligence Suite - Sales trends & distributing analysis
    Sales trends & distributing analysis
  • Analance™ Business Intelligence Suite - Hospitality room usage analysis
    Hospitality room usage analysis
  • Analance™ Business Intelligence Suite - Healthcare revenue cycle
    Healthcare revenue cycle
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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