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The BizInsight Excel Suite is an add-on solution for Microsoft Excel that provides users with additional data analysis functionality and drill down capabilities.

It includes BizCloud, which allows users to draw data from multiple, disparate data sources and remain connected in real-time to ensure that users are working with up-to-date data at all times.

It also includes BizContent, which provides users with reporting and analysis tools, and BizBroadcast, which allows users to send reports in 11 different formats, including HTML, PDF and XLSX. Reports can be sent on demand or according to a predefined schedule.

This system features drag and drop functions, and includes budget functions for calculating year to date, credit and debit balances. It also includes pivot table functions for calculating general ledger balances and transactions.

BizInsight Excel Suite is available for on-premise deployment, and can be implemented within a day.


BizInsight Excel Suite - Sales analysis
  • BizInsight Excel Suite - Sales analysis
    Sales analysis
  • BizInsight Excel Suite - Income statement generation
    Income statement generation
  • BizInsight Excel Suite - Inventory analysis
    Inventory analysis
  • BizInsight Excel Suite - Graphical analysis
    Graphical analysis
  • BizInsight Excel Suite - Multivariable analysis
    Multivariable analysis
  • BizInsight Excel Suite - Formula editor
    Formula editor
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 8

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Alexis from Innova
Specialty: Sales & Marketing
Number of employees: 2-10 employees Employees number: 2-10 employees

April 2017

April 2017

Offers a boatload of solutions



Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money

Any Excel document to be sent to another person could benefit from something that BizNet has to offer. Financial reporting becomes a breeze when all you need to do is change the period and the year and all the information you are seeking is pulled into one location right in from of your eyes!


We started using BizNet Excel Suite alongside of our Sage product for financial reporting purposes when the previous compatible software was no longer going to be supported. Just our finance department is currently using the product. We have expanded our use beyond Sage, and have really utilized BizInsight and BizBroadcast to help streamline quite a few processes.


Calculating reports takes some time and your ability to do other excel items while calculating is not possible
Only financial reporting is available with our version of BizInsight but as I understand I will be able to pull nonfinancial data through Biznet 7
Being able to transfer files from one version of BizInsight to the next would be a huge benefit. Right now I have to recreate 100+ reports to be able to use them in BizInsight 7