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Centius Qi is a Business Intelligence platform built to deliver information in multiple business models, yet can be tailored to fit companies across industries. As a cloud-based or on-premise system, Centius Qi delivers flexibility and offers robust features that speed the time between collecting information, analysis, and decision making. Maximize productivity and ROI while and reducing risk by connecting to multiple data sources, ultimately driving intelligence.

Centius Qi is tagged as the first “All-in-browser” and requires no software installation to run. Combining that of enterprise BI with visualization and predictive analysis (based on R programming language), their advanced platform design gives more administrative power to business users and bridges the gap between the user and the data. Users can generate reports, create any type of charts, and manage dashboards within the client interface, providing better control over the final reporting capabilities. The combination of these features allows the user to discover more insights from the data and predict with more certainty the outcomes, versus reports that only visualize historical events.

Since Centius Qi was developed to meet the market demand for cloud solutions; the system relies less on upkeep from an IT staff, delivering agility and features that put ownership of the process into the hands of the business user. Its intuitive architecture is accommodating even for users without any previous IT knowledge or experience. Each user has their own unique profile which can be limited based on access rights and tailored to include only the features they need.

As a streamlined, powerful platform, Centius Qi makes a great option for business professionals looking for the tools to gather and analyze data, then leverage that to make critical decisions while minimizing risk and maximizing ROI in the process. 


Centius Qi - Drillable pivot table with formulas
  • Centius Qi - Drillable pivot table with formulas
    Drillable pivot table with formulas
  • Centius Qi - Advanced visualization
    Advanced visualization
  • Centius Qi - Dynamic clickable charts
    Dynamic clickable charts
  • Centius Qi - Integrated R-graphs and statistics
    Integrated R-graphs and statistics
  • Centius Qi - Drill-through tree map
    Drill-through tree map
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic)

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