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Profitbase is a data warehouse and BI solution that consolidates disparate data and delivers critical business information and key performance indicators (KPIs) through intuitive dashboards and reports. The solution enables companies to monitor and manage their business performance and is appropriate for many commercial markets, including manufacturing, distribution and retail. 

The Profitbase BI solution provides users dashboards and reports, for finance, sales, inventory, etc. and the ability to view and analyze data in a multitude of ways using filters. Dashboards and reports are specifically configured to meet the information needs from the C level to the production floor, and from the headquarters to the branch or store levels.

The browser based solution consists of a data warehouse augmented with OLAP cube(s) and prebuilt data connectors for easy extraction of data from various underlying business applications.

The Profitbase data warehouse works with multiple BI tools including Strategy Companion Analyzer, Microsoft Power BI and Excel, as well as with Profitbase InFront, which provides clear and intuitive dashboards and reports that enable authorized users to analyze and drill into their data from any computer or mobile device.


Profitbase BI - Sales dashboard
  • Profitbase BI - Sales dashboard
    Sales dashboard
  • Profitbase BI - Trends dashboard
    Trends dashboard
  • Profitbase BI - Profit and loss statement
    Profit and loss statement
  • Profitbase BI - Sales report
    Sales report
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8

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