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test IO is cloud-based bug tracking solution for small, midsize and large enterprises. The solution enables testers to discover bugs and retrieve details in order to generate a better solution. test IO is able to integrate with existing solution development processes.

test IO allows testers to check that their app or website works everywhere by offering cross-device and cross-browser testing features. Web developers can choose a section of their website or app and then start a test run to get bug reports. The bug reports contain detailed information about issues with screenshots.

test IO provides test types for various situations including exploratory testing, test cases and usability testing. This enables testers to execute a scripted test or define specific test cases to find unknown QA issues.


test IO - Bug reports
  • test IO - Bug reports
    Bug reports
  • test IO - Add a device
    Add a device
  • test IO - Overview of test runs
    Overview of test runs
  • test IO - Web and mobile interface
    Web and mobile interface
  • test IO - Test setup
    Test setup
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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