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Founded over a decade ago by professionals in the Facility Management industry, faciliCAD was designed to be a user-friendly, cost-effective Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system. Their latest release, Version 5, combines faciliCAD's most advanced features for facilities looking to monitor and manage space, employees, and assets while producing a greater ROI.

The faciliCAD package delivers space, asset, and move management, along with tools for lease administration and a real estate portfolio. Their users fall across multiple markets, from aviation and real estate, to government and pharmaceuticals and from small to large facilities.

Though the faciliCAD program is deployed on-premise, part of their offering includes the faciliCAD Web Manager, an add-on web-based application that allows for users to access and share data and reports through any web-browser on computers, mobile devices and tablets. Their main application faciliCAD is linked directly to the database, so any changes made to drawings will be updated immediately and vice versa, giving users a real time look at the space they are operating in.

We like faciliCAD because they offer three different levels of assistance to aid in implementation. The first, Basic, provides software, training, and support, and the second, Turnkey, takes it a step further. The support team at faciliCAD creates your drawings and builds your database of information.

The third, Outsource, provides for a seamless transition as they build everything you need into the system and grant you access to their private cloud server around the clock.

If you are in the market for a complete facilities management solution to better track, analyze, and oversee space, moves, assets, and employees, faciliCAD should be included in your shortlist of systems to review.


faciliCAD - Thematic hatch of cost center (lowest tier on the organizational hierarchy)
  • faciliCAD - Thematic hatch of cost center (lowest tier on the organizational hierarchy)
    Thematic hatch of cost center (lowest tier on the organizational hierarchy)
  • faciliCAD - Organizational types window (CAD manager)
    Organizational types window (CAD manager)
  • faciliCAD - faciliCAD drop down with chargeback thematic hatch
    faciliCAD drop down with chargeback thematic hatch
  • faciliCAD - Data manager report viewer
    Data manager report viewer
  • faciliCAD - Asset link tree
    Asset link tree
  • faciliCAD - Move manager location details with data manager in background
    Move manager location details with data manager in background
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Dan from Berners-Schober Associates, Inc.
Specialty: Other

May 2014

May 2014

faciliCAD is a great FM Solution



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

faciliCAD is just the right amount of program. It has a simple interface but can do some complex things. We use it to track rooms' areas, organizational space chargeback, BOMA lease information, and assets. The program also tracks people and moves, which is something we don't currently utilize but might be a selling point for others.

The company provides excellent support and product updates. They listen to their customers and implement software requests they feel will benefit their clients.

Likes Least

They are working on a better graphical interface for the web portion. In the past, it was a separate product which was not ideal.


The sample database is a simple example. We use it for much more complex campuses. Keep that in mind when you look at it.


Lou from Vishay Siliconix - removed at Lou's request

October 2013

Date: October 2013


Valerie from Southwest Research Institute

October 2013

Date: October 2013


Theresa from Vistakon

October 2013

Date: October 2013


Tammie from State Government

October 2013

Date: October 2013


Libby from Berners-Schober Associates, Inc.

October 2013

Date: October 2013