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Utilized by more than 15,000 organizations to improve operating efficiency, Infor EAM solutions provide a complete enterprise asset management solution. With Infor EAM, companies in a variety of industries can keep facilities and equipment running smoothly and safely. They can rest assured that their operations are energy efficient, environmentally compliant and above all, up-and-running and profitable.

Infor EAM solutions are flexible to suit a number of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, distribution, government entities and service organizations. Organizations can select which Infor EAM solution best suits their EAM/CMMS needs: MP2 (formerly Datastream) and Infor EAM.

Infor EAM helps companies optimize the reliability and life cycle of all assets with automatically scheduled preventative maintenance and asset assignment, placing resources where they will do the most good. It also allows users to forecast and predict, and therefore prevent, equipment problems, increasing uptime.

But Infor EAM goes beyond being a classic asset and maintenance management system; with Infor EAM, companies can monitor energy consumption at the asset level to lower operating costs - including energy spent.

By redefining enterprise asset management, Infor EAM not only helps organizations track and maintain assets, it increases reliability, compliance, profitability, efficiency and even environmental sustainability with its comprehensive, powerful solution.


Infor EAM - Solutions that Matter – Infor EAM Dashboard
  • Infor EAM - Solutions that Matter – Infor EAM Dashboard
    Solutions that Matter – Infor EAM Dashboard
  • Infor EAM - Work Order Overview
    Work Order Overview
  • Infor EAM - Social Collaboration with Infor Ming.le
    Social Collaboration with Infor Ming.le
  • Infor EAM - Infor Ming.le - Task Execution
    Infor Ming.le - Task Execution
  • Infor EAM - Infor EAM for iPad
    Infor EAM for iPad
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from Des Moines Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation Authority
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Infor EAM - A Journey of Progress by the Des Moines WRA



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Product Quality
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The product has been designed to meet your needs across multiple industrial verticals. It's user-friendly for both the end-users and IT, and it has the capabilities and functionally to be set up and configured around your specific workflow standards and best practices.

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I have not been able to find anything that I do not like about Infor Global Solution to date; they are the real deal.


The program affords you the latitude of growing with you as your organization grows. Infor software products assist in creating a culture of best practices and become a driving force in the pursuit of industrial excellence.

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