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EZ-CARE is a cloud-based childcare management software solution that manages preschools and daycares. This system integrates all the major functions of managing childcare facilities, such as marketing, information management, financial management, enrollment, attendance tracking and securing tuition payments.

With EZ-CARE, parents can register online and track their children’s activities in real time. The system displays family and child data, immunization schedules and staff data. It also has a billing & payments module that offers automatic billing, online payments and e-invoicing, recurring payments and revenue reporting.

An accounting and bookkeeping module is also offered, as is attendance and scheduling. Users can communicate with parents via Microsoft Word and Outlook integration, automated phone messages and email marketing and communications.

EZ-CARE offers integration with third-party accounting and customer relationship management (CRM) software, such as QuickBooks, OneCallNow, ChildCareCRM, Constant Contact, SafeSave and WebLink.

The product caters to the needs of clients across USA and Canada, including the Glengarry Child Care Society, Walnut Hill ECC, Little Tikes Academy, Children’s Enrichment Center, and Salem YMCA, among others.


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