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Parish Data System (PDS) from ACS Technologies is a leading Catholic church software solution used by parishes, schools and dioceses worldwide.

PDS offers modules to manage finances, contributions, communications, events, reports, schools and childcare and more.

In addition to fundamental church management features, PDS comes with tools to handle processes unique to Catholic institutions: a sacramental register for recording, indexing and searching baptism, confirmation, communion, marriage and death records; Formation OfficeTM, a module for tracking religious-education data and coordinating tuition, fees, contributions and fundraising; and a diocesan communications solution, which synchronizes databases across parishes, schools and dioceses.

Finally, PDS can integrate with other ACS Technologies products, including The City: a mobile-friendly social platform where church members and leaders can connect with each online.

This church management software is available as an on-premise solution (installed locally), or can be accessed online through PDS Connects. It is a good choice for Catholic churches of any size.


Parish Data System - Accounting and ledgers
  • Parish Data System - Accounting and ledgers
    Accounting and ledgers
  • Parish Data System - Contribution reports
    Contribution reports
  • Parish Data System - Member giving history
    Member giving history
  • Parish Data System - Individual and family profiles
    Individual and family profiles
  • Parish Data System - Online donation form
    Online donation form
  • Parish Data System - Facility scheduling
    Facility scheduling
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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