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Donarius is a church management software solution available for on-premise deployment that serves both churches and other non-profit organizations.

Donarius lets users keep track of members, contributions, pledges and more. Users can enter all offerings and donations by name or envelope number, and they can track loose offerings as well.

The solution offers envelope printing, so churches can print their own offering envelopes rather than ordering them.

Donarius can send monthly and yearly statements out to members or donors, and it can generate a variety of reports. Users can personalize letters, emails and text messages to help engage members. A module for pre-authorized donations (ACH) automatically enters recurring donations.

Donarius also includes a module for membership management, and users can print a photo directory. This system is priced per organization in perpetuity, plus yearly upgrade costs.


Donarius - Home screen
  • Donarius - Home screen
    Home screen
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    Donor info
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  • Donarius - Pledges
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    Donations by donor
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Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux, Windows 8, Windows 10

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from Eagle Mountain Church
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Product Quality
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Nuverb's contact people are the most polite and knowledgeable I have ever come across in dealing with "techies".

Likes Least

I guess if I had something I didn't like it would be that when a woman gets married and changes her name, the 3 letter code stays the same. I would like some way to edit the code if I could.


I would recommend Donarius to any church or non-profit organization.

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