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Elvanto is a cloud-based and mobile-optimized church management system (ChMS) with robust tools for managing members and groups, volunteers, events, check-in and finances.

The software's membership management module helps church leaders keep their “people data” organized by collecting contact information, notes, interactions and demographic details in a single location. Member data can be entered manually, or collected through custom forms on websites and in emails. When forms are submitted, member profiles are automatically updated with the new information.

Elvanto’s event management module makes it possible to maintain calendars and keep track of details for multiple events—including room reservations. Event calendars can also be embedded on the church website for all members to view.

Elvanto’s volunteer management module, meanwhile, supports volunteer coordination tasks. Coordinators assign volunteers to positions and are alerted if there is a scheduling conflict. Rosters are then automatically generated and sent to volunteers via SMS messages or emails, and volunteers can choose to accept or decline the position and coordinators can view their responses.


Elvanto - Calendar
  • Elvanto - Calendar
  • Elvanto - Member directory
    Member directory
  • Elvanto - Service reporting
    Service reporting
  • Elvanto - People flow steps
    People flow steps
  • Elvanto - Services
  • Elvanto - Group reporting
    Group reporting
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000, Windows 8

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Robbi from Miracle City Ministries
Specialty: Non-Denominational

March 2015

March 2015

Easy to use and everything you need for church management!



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

The software within this web-based, in-the-cloud system is amazing! It does everything you'll need to run your church efficiently, and it's very easy to use.

Likes Least

I love everything, but if I have to pick the least favorite thing, I'd change the looks of the website we work from. It's very nice, but there are a few things I'd do different (more colorful, square boxes for the photos of the congregation vs. round ones, and a cleaner looking layout). But, here's some good news. They're going to give Elvanto a new facelift very soon.


I've tried the downloadable and "in the cloud" church management software of many, many companies - even the popular ones - and, I’m here to say that Elvanto should be at the top of the list!

To start with, the customer service is fast and friendly! There were times when I literally had to wait days or weeks to get a question answered with some of the other companies, and that has never been the case yet with Elvanto! Most times I get a response within minutes. My method of contacting them has been either email or live chat. I also have the option to call the sales rep any time.

The software within this web-based, in-the-cloud system is amazing! It does everything! I won't even try to name everything. The list would be massive, but trust me; you won't need to use multiple programs to keep your church in order.

Elvanto does not do income/expenses, but I didn't want this feature. I love using QuickBooks Online, which works amazing for our church!

The fact that Elvanto is a web-based system (in the cloud) makes it a powerful system with that feature alone. I can manage my church from anywhere and on any device (computer, tablet, smartphone)!!

The administrative side of Elvanto is so powerful and the most customizable I have seen yet! And let me mention here again that when I say I’ve tried many, many other systems, I really have. For a year and a half, I tried many free trials and even bought some programs, only to be let down by either the customer service or the lack of customizing, lack of features, or very limited Member Portals!

Every little thing I’ve thought of while using Elvanto that would be nice to be able to change, I have found that I could customize! Amazing! And I’ve found customizing possibilities that way exceeded my expectations.

With Elvanto, I can manage my entire church effectively, efficiently, and quickly, and I can be just as creative as I want to be!

Elvanto will powerfully handle the management of all my people, groups, worship teams, community, volunteers, events, finances (including all our giving, batches, reports, year-end letters, labels, etc.), and so much more!

Elvanto has a mass email and mass SMS system that is the best I’ve found anywhere!

Using Reports within Elvanto is amazing! There are many reports already set up, but the ability to customize reports far exceeds anything I’ve seen!

Another great feature is the ability to schedule each service in our church. I can assign the volunteers for that service and they will get notified by email, or I can choose to not have emails sent (they can choose, too), but instead allow them to view their schedules on their very own member portal (another awesome feature I’ll mention in a minute). The services feature is wonderful and much more than I can talk about here.

Now, the Member Portal was one of the big selling features for me! I wanted to make sure the folks in our church had a place they could come to, stay connected and be aware of announcements, events, a church directory (very customizable), their schedules, and pretty much anything else I want to add to this area! There’s also a wonderful calendar I can do anything with! Phenomenal!

Our folks are so excited, but probably not as excited as I am because the ease of use and the time this system will save me is a prayer answered!

Although I haven’t used it yet (I’m still setting things up), Elvanto has a great child check-in system. You can print customized labels for the kids, manage check-ins from any computer or device in your church, and more!

Importing data from your old system is a breeze! There are multiple easy and fast ways to do it. And yes, you can export easily if you ever want to, as well.

Elvanto also has integrations with other companies to make it an even bigger powerhouse for your church! To name a few, PushPay (online giving right on your website or smartphone that integrates with your giving within Elvanto), Song Select (awesome for the worship team), Mailchimp, Twilio, etc.! Love it!

Elvanto is very customizable with colors, backgrounds, your logo, etc. They are even upgrading things to an even better look (which is already wonderful).

Well, I could go on and on, but trust me, this is one church management, in-the-cloud system you will want to try! I believe you will love it! And I know it will make running your church easier, more organized, more efficient, and so on, whether you have 50 people or thousands! You’ll have more time for the things that really matter: God and the folks at your church and in your community!

I thank God for Elvanto! And I think you will too!

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