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iGo Figure is a membership and business management solution. It offers tools to record member information, manage member activities, automate payment processing, track inventory and build custom reports.

iGo Figure offers the capability to add an unlimited number of members. Facility owners can monitor attendance, send campaigning emails, set payment reminders and plan daily schedules.

With iGo Figure, facility owners can build and customize membership plans for different members, age groups or locations.

iGo Figure also includes a point of sale (POS) feature, which allows facility owners to sell items like fitness equipment, merchandise and edible items. The solution helps manage inventory with low stock level alerts and automated reordering of goods and items.

iGo Figure offers more than 100 prepared report types, including sales reports, membership summaries, attendance reports, member retention reports and more. Users can also generate custom reports.


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Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000, Windows 8, Windows 10

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David from SFC
Specialty: Health club
Number of employees: 2-10 employees Employees number: 2-10 employees

December 2016

December 2016

Stay away. The people writing the software have ZERO gym ownership experience.



Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money

I wanted a software that I could use that would make my facility 24 hours. For whatever reason, I came across iGO360 and it seemed to meet my needs, or so I thought. Once I was in, I was more or less stuck. From day 1 I had trouble with the door and getting people in at night. Then it was trouble with the billing. Then getting people enrolled was a nightmare. If a rival gym opened up across town, I might recommend this software to them, but that's about it.

Something as simple as putting a customer on hold for instance, still allows them to have access to the gym. They aren't paying for a membership because they are on hold, but if they come back in before the hold is up, the software has no problem letting them in for a workout sesh. If you are good about reviewing your logs everyday, on top of the other 1,000 things you do as a gym owner, you'll probably catch them. But, if you thought that a person on hold couldn't get in, you'd be in for quite a surprise like I was.

In our old system, our credit card processing service turned us on to a credit card updating service that would update expired cards, newly issued cards, etc when they had an agreement in place with the bank. What a great service for an industry that is based on recurring payments processed off a credit card. Igo has ZERO intention of offering this service. ZERO! I called the Forte rep, got it all setup and was ready to rock, but noticed that I never got any updated information.

I have had numerous occurrences where in the middle of the night, my door will stop letting people in. There's no way to know when it's happening, other than people will call me at 3am and say hey, I'm outside and the door won't let me in. We are unstaffed at night, which was why we went with iGo for 24 hour access for our customers, so it's very frustrating to my customers and to me. I've received answers such as my wifi is the problem, or Windows 10, or a 2' extension on a USB cable must be the problem. The problem you incur will always be something on your end, never their software.


When it works, it's pretty good, not great, but good enough.


Customers on hold can still get in without you knowing. If someone scans in with another gyms card you probably won't know if you aren't at the desk. This wasn't built by a gym owner. There's no polish. If you can find what the report you want, and know how to export to Word and Excel, you can probably get a mail merge together and send out renewal letters, but it's not a built in option.

Advice to Others

Stay away. The bones are there, but that's it. This thing needs a major revamp from someone that has run a gym and knows what a gym owner needs.

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