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Traker Systems has been providing powerful asset tracking solutions to manufacturers, distributors, public warehouses, and other companies for more than 20 years. Utilizing personal experience in the industry and the latest technology, Traker Systems developed a suite of asset and inventory tracking software solutions that are both effective and user-friendly.

Asset Traker was designed to help organizations better manage every facet of their fixed assets, from maintenance to transfer, depreciation, security, reporting, and eventual disposal. This Windows-based, locally installed solution is easy to learn, minimizing any employee downtime. 

With Asset Traker, assets can be easily broken down into sub-assets, which allows for more detailed tracking. Each of those sub-assets has a personal record of maintenance, depreciation, transfer history, and more. So, for example, users can track not only their IT equipment, but break it down into hard drives, warranties, RAM, etc. Users can even store images of each asset for more comprehensive management.

Asset maintenance can be broken down into start and finish dates, costs related to both parts and labor, overall costs, and more specific notes. Users can tranfer assets individually or by groups, and all information related to those transfers is stored for any future reporting. 

There are a variety of pre-defined reports built directly into the system, as well as a report maker that allows users to create customized reports as needed. The system also provides the ability to create and set action items, which notify users of any necessary tasks such as pending maintenance.

We recommend Asset Traker to buyers in a number of industries - chemicals, food & beverage, transportation, hospitality, and more - seeking a powerful, easy-to-use asset tracking solution. 


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