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eRPortal is a great fit for organizations seeking high performance, configurable enterprise asset management, materials tracking and maintenance management software that is both highly flexible and highly accessible. eRPortal's architecture is designed to accommodate any company's unique work processes and vocabulary and the solution is 100% web services and browser enabled.

eRPortal offers plant managers, engineering and utilities directors the functionality they need to manage both physical plant operations and strategic assets. eRPortal's Materials Management Software and Asset and Maintenance Management (CMMS) Software are suited to a number of industries but are a really great fit for higher education, manufacturing and municipalities.

eRPortal's Materials Management Software provides robust inventory control and tracking functionality that is based on years of industry experience. With the software, organizations can establish industry standards and well as utilize the software's mobile and barcode functions to track inventory movement and activity at every stage.

With eRPortal's integrated CMMS and asset management solution, users can automate and streamline the maintenance and management of key assets throughout their lifecycle. The software manages maintenance alerts as well as work orders, labor scheduling and any inventory requirements.

eRPortal was developed to seamlessly interface with an organization's existing systems and applications and allows users to configure the interface to match up to their vocabulary, design and functionality preferences.


eRPortal CMMS  - Interface Screen
  • eRPortal CMMS  - Interface Screen
    Interface Screen
  • eRPortal CMMS  - Prefilter & Auto Email Reports
    Prefilter & Auto Email Reports
  • eRPortal CMMS  - User Interface
    User Interface
  • eRPortal CMMS  - Condition Assessment
    Condition Assessment
  • eRPortal CMMS  - Calendar
  • eRPortal CMMS  - Tooling Inspection Screen
    Tooling Inspection Screen
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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Richard from Tencate Geosynthetics
Specialty: Construction and Engineering

November 2013

November 2013

eRPortal CMMS at TenCate Geosynthetics



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

Easy to use. All functionality is at your control. It interfaces with SCADA systems for real-time conditions-based maintenance and equipment monitoring.

Likes Least

We find it difficult to use the mobile module. We have tried several devices in the past here, and they were all operational but not consistent from a user point of view. The best option we have found is using the full version of eRPortal on a tablet with Windows.


This is a great software that is easy to use and simple to set up. Tech support always works with hard-to-solve issues. Employees on the floor like it because it looks simple from their perspective


Dan from Advanced BioEnergy LLC Fairmont

March 2012

Date: March 2012