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Founded over a decade ago, SMGlobal provides advanced CMMS solutions to companies worldwide. FastMaint, their core product, is used to manage plants, facilities, utilities, and more. It is a Windows-based system, but SMGlobal also offers browser based editions.

FastMaint delivers standalone asset management, inventory management, preventive maintenance, and work order management. With FastMaint, technicians can respond to unexpected breakdowns and institute planned maintenance. The system will send email and text alerts about new work orders to maintenance staff, keeping everyone in the loop. Pictures and links are easily attached so that technicians have the most information at their disposal. Users can schedule maintenance based on different factors, such as dates, meter readings, and conditions. This can all be adjusted to account for days off.

FastMaint was designed for for maintenance teams with up to 100 users. It’s available in 4 different editions, so it’s completely scalable. They offer additional features and add-ons for each package that allows a company to purchase exactly what they need of the system. One of which is a web-based work request module that lets users to submit and monitor the status of work orders. This feature also enables email and text updates to staff as the work orders are being processed.

SMGlobal offers a 30-day fully functional trial. After that, it’s simple to convert the data over to the full version. In 2006, FastMaint earned Microsoft’s ISV/Software Solutions Competency. We have found it to be an especially great fit for manufacturing and industrial plans and utilities companies.


FastMaint CMMS - Edit equipment page
  • FastMaint CMMS - Edit equipment page
    Edit equipment page
  • FastMaint CMMS - Edit equipment window
    Edit equipment window
  • FastMaint CMMS - Home page with statistics
    Home page with statistics
  • FastMaint CMMS - Main window with statistics
    Main window with statistics
  • FastMaint CMMS - Planning—email and print work orders
    Planning—email and print work orders
  • FastMaint CMMS - Planning—email and print work orders
    Planning—email and print work orders
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8

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Preston from IDX Louisville
Specialty: Manufacturing

February 2015

February 2015

FastMaint CMMS Review



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

Having used FastMaint for several years now, I have found that the software works great, and the reports generated are what I like the best. It is easy to track costs on each piece of equipment, as well as downtime.

Likes Least

Really, the only complaint I have is the number of steps it takes to print work orders. I would like to see one-click printing.


I would say give this a try, and you will not be disappointed. Be sure and try the reports.

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