For buyers looking for a way to track vehicle maintenance, FLEETMATE provides a variety of options for fleets of all sizes, both small and large. The system easily reminds buyers when maintenance is due, and allows them to track work orders and store the service history of each vehicle. FLEETMATE can support multiple users, and contains customizable drop-down menus, so that users can ensure the system is a good fit.

Users of FLEETMATE can store relevant documents associated with the vehicles history, including maintenance reports, manuals, PDFs, and more. The system also provides barcode support, creating an easy way to track inventory and work orders.

FLEETMATE also features a personnel tracking component, so that companies can have a place to store employee driving records, driving history, vendor records, and more. The system is a fit for small to mid-size businesses looking to track fleets with any number of vehicles. 


FLEETMATE - Main Window
  • FLEETMATE - Main Window
    Main Window
  • FLEETMATE - Comprehensive Asset Information
    Comprehensive Asset Information
  • FLEETMATE - Work Order Labor Details
    Work Order Labor Details
  • FLEETMATE - Work Order Parts Details
    Work Order Parts Details
  • FLEETMATE - Sample Total Cost Report
    Sample Total Cost Report
  • FLEETMATE - Replacement Parts Inventory
    Replacement Parts Inventory
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8

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