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Infinit is a file-sharing platform suitable for organizations that need to share large or small quantities of files securely. It works on mobile devices, both Apple and Android, and can be installed on all major desktop and laptop operating systems.

Launched in 2012, Infinit is a relatively new file-sharing application. It claims to work up to 30 times faster than existing file-sharing solutions by incorporating a new generation of point-to-point communications protocols, which bypass intermediary storage to send files directly from device to device.

Infinit has the ability to automatically pause in-progress transfers in the event that either the sending or receiving device gets disconnected. The transfer will resume as soon as the connection is available, ensuring files are always transferred correctly and completely.


Infinit - Devices
  • Infinit - Devices
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    Send/receive photos and videos
  • Infinit - Use in any app
    Use in any app
  • Infinit - Windows
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000, Windows 8

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Slowly turning into Dropbox except worse



Product Quality

Product Quality


Likes Best

I loved Infinit when it first came out. Sharing large files has always been a pain. It has fast speeds, can handle large files, and it's easy just to give someone a link to send a file or even request one with a link. Transfer is direct without the need of cloud storage so it is quicker than other solutions, and it's very easy to use. The UI is clean and simple.

Likes Least

File sharing just is less of a value prop to me. The only time someone needs a file NOW is when they're in my office so they can get it via USB. As well, infinit, to justify its pricing has added cloud storage. Why do I need Infinit and Dropbox, both? Infinit lacks the cloud storage features so I can't just use it, and the price tag doesn't justify how often I need to send a file.

I Dropbox ALL of my files so if I need to share them they're online 99% of the time. As well with Infinit you need to get others onto the app to share with them, total dealbreaker for many friends/coworkers. Infinit was fine when it was free but knowing that the file transfer is P2P makes it very hard to justify the steep monthly cost.


Just use dropbox, its sharing is fast and the free plan can take the place of infinit for sharing. If you already pay for cloud storage there's no reason to switch to Infinit at this time. Maybe if you're in a creative job and often send massive files to others it could be useful, otherwise stay away.

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