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SkySignature is a cloud-based content management (CMS) solution targeting small businesses. This software’s key feature is its digital signature tool. It also includes functionality for converting most file formats into PDFs.

Users can upload documents, which SkySignature can automatically convert into PDFs. Uploaded documents are then encrypted and stored securely in a document storage cloud powered by Amazon. Uploaded documents are accessible from anywhere.

SkySignature also includes a signature verification feature. Once documents are signed, the signatures on them become links to a signature verification page. This page has tracking details that inform users when and where the documents were signed. SkySignature uses an algorithm intended to detect forged documents.

Users can also edit scanned PDFs, and they can add forms and customized “sign here” tags to documents. If documents need to be merged together, SkySignature allows users to drag and drop pages from PDFs into a new document to combine them.

SkySignature’s community edition is free, and its professional edition is priced on a per user per month or year basis. It is fully accessible from mobile devices.


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Linda from ThinkTanks
Specialty: Software / Technology

May 2016

May 2016

Great for the price.



Product Quality

Customer Support
Likes Best

The price. It is free to use indefinitely as long as you delete previous documents. They only charge for document storage.

Likes Least

It doesn't have a mobile app. I don't mind this personally because I deal with important matters on my desktop computer.


Try it out before spending a lot of money on alternatives.

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