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Onehub is a cloud-based collaboration tool that helps users securely store and share their business files. It can be customized to meet users' specific requirements and custom branding needs.

Onehub offers a range of features to help with file storage including drag-and-drop document uploading, full-text search, folder organization, version controls and archiving.

This solution helps users share files securely using links and role-based permissions. It also provides workspaces that feature user management and access controls.

Onehub allows users to post comments, send emails, manage workflow tasks, create dashboards and receive notifications regarding new posts and files. Other features include file previews, multiple file type support, data export options and automatic file deletion.

Onehub offers native mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. It also provides security features such as two-factor authentication, document watermarks and audit trails.


Onehub - Customizable templates
  • Onehub - Customizable templates
    Customizable templates
  • Onehub - Workspaces
  • Onehub - File storage and sharing
    File storage and sharing
  • Onehub - User collaboration
    User collaboration
  • Onehub - Dropbox integration
    Dropbox integration
  • Onehub - Native mobile apps
    Native mobile apps
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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