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247PRO Estimator is a full-featured estimating system that features pre-defined templates, making it easy to generate proposals for all types of remodeling projects. Based on these proposals, the system can generate a purchasing list, ensuring that contractors have all materials and equipment, and are prepared for each job. As a cloud-based system, both clients and employees can access the system from any location through an Internet-capable device.

The system also allows users to calculate total project costs, as well as the timeline of the project. Contractors can use 247PRO Estimator to keep track of project contacts, as well as the proposal history, and other important details. The Estimator Dashboard provides customer relationship management capabilities, and allows users to quickly find the customer information they need.

247PRO Estimator can be completely scalable, and allows for companies to personalize the proposals by including logos and other marketing content. This system is a fit for small to mid-size GCs and residential remodelers.


247PRO Estimator - 247PRO for Remodel Estimating
  • 247PRO Estimator - 247PRO for Remodel Estimating
    247PRO for Remodel Estimating
  • 247PRO Estimator - Step 1. Select Template
    Step 1. Select Template
  • 247PRO Estimator - Step 2. Answer Simple Questions
    Step 2. Answer Simple Questions
  • 247PRO Estimator - Step 3. Detailed Proposal Ready
    Step 3. Detailed Proposal Ready
  • 247PRO Estimator - Desktop and mobile compatible
    Desktop and mobile compatible
  • 247PRO Estimator - Estimates on the Go
    Estimates on the Go
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Specialty: Residential remodeling

April 2016

April 2016

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Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

If you have used estimating software before you will catch on to 247PRO very easy and you may become addicted to writing estimates. Before 247PRO I had Eagleview. The system became non supported and started falling apart quickly. Before they closed it I started to search for a new estimator and was starting to get depressed and discouraged with all other estimating software to the point I even thought of folding the company. I came across 247PRO and almost didn't look at them as I had to many irons in the fire. One night I tried the free subscription and completed a bathroom estimate in about 4 hours. Today the same estimate takes 45min. and the customers rant and rave about how my estimates are way beyond the competition.

Likes Least

I have used 247PRO for almost a year now and at first I thought maybe they would not support the estimator very well. I was wrong almost all of my request have been addressed and update to my specifications over the past year. I just called and requested changes and within a few months large scale changes would happen to almost my exact specs. VERY IMPRESSED with the staff at 247PRO. Thank You!


Try it now. Best money I ever spent. My previous estimator was free. I make more money with 247PRO and have more free time. Very easy to track cost and time. I am making a better profit and my customers are getting better service and clarity. I have went from wanting to close the doors to wanting to hire more employees, add vehicles, tools and having enough money to do so! Can't say enough about 247PRO.