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B2W Maintain creates cohesive communication between the shop and the field, so that the status of all equipment can be visualized. By tracking information about equipment usage, problems can be identified in the beginning, and all equipment downtime is scheduled routinely.

The system also features the scheduling of work orders, management of repair requests, and a tablet application so that mechanics in the field can utilize the system from anywhere. The tablet application provides technicians with access to critical information while they're in the field. By keeping track of all maintenance cost and monitoring the status of resources, companies can view the full scope of cost.

As part of the B2W family of construction systems, B2W Maintain integrates with B2W Track to provide a system that communicates with the other modules, minimizing errors and eleiminating double entry. B2W Maintain is an equally good fit for large and midsized companies alike, and is particularly useful for commercial construction managers, concrete, masonry, and other types of contractors.


B2W Maintain - User-defined preventative plans
  • B2W Maintain - User-defined preventative plans
    User-defined preventative plans
  • B2W Maintain - Work order planning and scheduling
    Work order planning and scheduling
  • B2W Maintain - Repair requests
    Repair requests
  • B2W Maintain - Equipment portal for field users
    Equipment portal for field users
  • B2W Maintain - Tablet application for mechanics
    Tablet application for mechanics
  • B2W Maintain - Manage parts
    Manage parts
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000

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