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Bluebook ProEstimator is a cloud-based construction solution. It allows users to build estimate items, edit line items and create reports.

Users build estimates with tasks. They can create and name tasks, then search and add line items to the tasks. Quantities can be manually entered or entered by provided calculators. Users can edit labor, materials, equipment, tax, profit and overhead on each line item.

Bluebook ProEstimator can also generate reports. Users select tasks individually or together, and then create reports using the selected items. An unlimited number of work orders and estimates can be generated.

Users can build their own libraries and edit library items already included in Bluebook ProEstimator. They can save items and group them in subcategories. The system also includes an estimate view, where items’ tax, profit, overhead, labor, material and equipment costs can be edited.

Bluebook ProEstimator can select one line item or all of them to create estimates and work orders. Users can choose to include pricing and show photos.

Bluebook ProEstimator is priced either monthly or annually. This product is available only in the United States. It is suitable for small businesses.


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