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MarketSharp is a customer management tool used by residential remodelers and other professionals in the construction industry. In addition to CRM functionality, the system offers integrated Estimating, Project Scheduling, and Project Management. The system is completely web-based, so it can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection, and data is stored safely and securely.

MarketSharp helps construction businesses turn leads into bids into projects, and then manage those projects until they are completed. The system employs built-in marketing campaigns, so businesses can target the jobs they really want, foster long-term relationships with customers, and stay on top of a project at every stage. 

Customizable reports are available to measure performance and results, and all data is updated in real-time. MarketSharp also has a team of support staff to help convert existing company data and import it directly into the program, free of charge.


MarketSharp - Calendar
  • MarketSharp - Calendar
  • MarketSharp - Customer screen
    Customer screen
  • MarketSharp - Email marketing
    Email marketing
  • MarketSharp - Production and job tasks
    Production and job tasks
  • MarketSharp - Sales and sources dashboard
    Sales and sources dashboard
  • MarketSharp - Sales report
    Sales report
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 10

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from Morin's Siding & Window
Specialty: General contractor
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Just over a year ago I was employed into a position where Marketsharp had been being used for the last few years. The operating system isn't extremely hightech and complicated to navigate which made it extremely easy for me to learn how to operate. The tabs you have available are contacts, activity list, calendar, sales, production, services & reporting. I find myself spending most of my time in the contacts, calendar and reporting tabs. The operating system isn't complicated as it directs you step by step from turning your prospect into a lead, then to a customer. Once a customer you have the option to input details about there products purchased, the production time table, how much commission the salesman is taking, the costs for material, and then an area for services on that specific job. Marketsharp is not too large of an operating system which makes it easy to navigate and find new tabs to utilize and play around with for the needs of your company. I would recommend Marketsharp to anyone who is new to handling day to day operations or doesn't have the time to stay up to date as much as they'd like. It will keep you on track with what you've sold and reaching out to past customers in the future.


Easy to navigate. Simple layout. Quick print documents for customers or leads. Custom reports already designed for the office staff or management. Easy to use map and zillow tools to lookup future job sites. Email assistant for following up with leads and customers. Direct mail outlets that will send direct mail out to a specific list or area around town. (Have not used this feature as much as we should but only time will tell) The app does almost everything you need it to do. Very basic and easy to understand for the older generations.


It's not an operating system for everyone in the company to use. An operational & production manager will use this most and you'll get what you need out of it. Not the right operating system if you want everyone to be on the same page in the organization.

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