Spitfire Project Management System


Developed by Spitfire Management, Spitfire Project Management is an agile, browser-based solution that helps construction and capital construction organizations better manage projects, documents and images, all while increasing collaboration between project participants, from subcontractors to architects and engineers, general contractors to owners. This tightly integrated system can operate as a standalone project management solution or it can include complete accounting as well.

Because Spitfire is browser-based software, it has zero footprint on the client and can be accessed remotely from anywhere with Internet access. There's also an app for Android smartphones that allows users to send photos, contact team members, receive alerts and even edit project documents, all while on the move. It's a fit for companies with $5 million to $500 million in revenue or 10-plus employees.

Spitfire improves collaboration by offering each team member a place to view and work with project information. General contractors can administer commitments and even handle insurance compliance. Subcontractors can monitor RFIs and RFPs. Engineers and architects can access drawings while owners can view project budgets or change orders. Spitfire integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics SL for a complete financial system: GL, AR, AP, payroll, analytics and more.

All files are collected and centralized in the core file catalogue subsystem for access by all team members. The solution also offers a cloud-based Plan Room where contractors and subs can view and download all necessary project specifications, drawings and addenda. The Plan Room can be public or private and replaces the need for old-fashioned ftp sites.

For organizations seeking a complete project management system that increases team collaboration, the Spitfire Project Management System should be on the short list for consideration.




Spitfire Project Management System - Main Project Level Dashboard
  • Spitfire Project Management System - Main Project Level Dashboard
    Main Project Level Dashboard
  • Spitfire Project Management System - Project Dashboard with Project KPIs
    Project Dashboard with Project KPIs
  • Spitfire Project Management System - Project Level Budget
    Project Level Budget
  • Spitfire Project Management System - Daily Automated Site Conditions
    Daily Automated Site Conditions
  • Spitfire Project Management System - RFI at the Subcontractor Level
    RFI at the Subcontractor Level
  • Spitfire Project Management System - Integrated Image Viewer
    Integrated Image Viewer
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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October 2011

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October 2011

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September 2011

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