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For over 37 years, Viewpoint Construction Software has been focused on the technology needs and requirements of construction organizations. Committed to bringing information technology-based efficiencies to construction projects and their stakeholders, Viewpoint engages a highly collaborative process with customers to ensure every product and service addresses key industry issues. 

Viewpoint has created a community of important information, products, services, and content with the goal of addressing the specific needs of every type of contractor, project stakeholder, business role and decision maker. Some solutions include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Project Collaboration, Field Management, and Reporting. Viewpoint’s main offering combines bid management, scheduling, project management, and accounting in a single suite. It’s an enterprise system built on the Microsoft .NET framework and SQL Server database. 

The project management and accounting modules in Viewpoint can be purchased as stand-alone systems, and are both feature rich modules that offer several construction-specific capabilities. For example, the project management module includes drawing management, equipment and resource management, LEED tracking, and punch lists. The accounting module includes job costing, time and material billing, AIA billing, and prevailing wage reports.

Viewpoint has specific solutions for every role in the project ecosystem as part of its integrated product platform. It's a great fit for any type of contractor, business role, or project role, including General Contractors, Subcontractors, CEOs, Suppliers, Architects, Project Managers, or Engineers. 

The system has received the Gold Award for Accounting Software and Silver Award for Project Management Software from Roads and Bridges 2013 Contractor’s Choice Awards, and Jay Haladay, the CEO of Viewpoint, was named 2013 Technology Executive of Year by The Technology Association of Oregon.


Viewpoint V6 Software - Easily Review Key Performance Indicators
  • Viewpoint V6 Software - Easily Review Key Performance Indicators
    Easily Review Key Performance Indicators
  • Viewpoint V6 Software - Safety Performance Statistics at Your Fingertips
    Safety Performance Statistics at Your Fingertips
  • Viewpoint V6 Software - Batch Indexing
    Batch Indexing
  • Viewpoint V6 Software - iPad Dashboard
    iPad Dashboard
  • Viewpoint V6 Software - Mobile Labor Time for iPad
    Mobile Labor Time for iPad
  • Viewpoint V6 Software - SM Work Center
    SM Work Center
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

1 Review of Viewpoint V6 Software


from RP Services
Specialty: Engineer
Size of portfolio: 6 to 10 users Portfolio size: 6 to 10 users

Viewpoint Review


We didn't like how it was laid out; it was complicated.


This product was nowhere near adequate for our application without large amounts of costly custom programming.

Product Quality

Very poor. It is very inefficient, and it fell far short of our expectations.

Customer Support

Exceptionally poor. They were slow to respond, and at one point we overheard one of their employees insulting us when they thought we were not listening.

Likes Best

There is not much to like about this software.

Likes Least

Their support is slow to respond. They told us their product could meet our requirements but failed to mention that many of those things would require costly customization until after we signed up. It was so bad that we ended up abandoning the software after spending a pile of money.


Use something else. We ended up abandoning the software after purchasing it and attempting to implement it.

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