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Contract Analyst by Berkman Solutions is a compliance and legal risk management solution that allows businesses to manage their contracts and legal entities. The solution is designed for all types of contracts across all industries.

Contract Analyst allows businesses to assign multiple contracts to one counterparty and perform related vendor-management activities. Users can track contract expiration dates and set up automated alerts to notify counterparties involved about renewal dates. The solution enables users to prioritize contracts based on their business value. The group review feature allows multiple users to actively participate in contract drafting, add feedback and comment.

Contract Analyst allows businesses to store contracts, related documents and metadata in a central archive. Other features include customizable reporting and analytics, automated replies and compliance management.

Buyers can purchase Contract Analyst as an integrated module in Berkman Solution suite or as a standalone offering.


Contract Analyst - Legal entity management
  • Contract Analyst - Legal entity management
    Legal entity management
  • Contract Analyst - Risk tracker
    Risk tracker
  • Contract Analyst - Track contracts
    Track contracts
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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