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Recognizing the fact that a positive customer experience is now one of the primary drivers of both business reputation and company revenue, Aspect Unified IP offers organizations a powerful tool to control and optimize their customers' experience across every single applicable channel: voice, web chat, email, text, and SMS. 

In today's market, customers have become more demanding and more vocal, and retaining a happy, loyal customer base is now the top priority of any business looking to grow. Leveraging the Aspect Unified IP platform, enterprise-level contact centers can more effectively deliver the best possible customer experience, regardless of the channel of communication. These contact options are centralized into a single, sleek system that allows agents to talk, type, text, or converse with customers in real-time, providing a seamless, engaging end-user experience. 

Aspect Unified IP was designed to build on existing company technologies, eliminating workflow bottlenecks and allowing for smarter, streamlined business processes. This helps companies work effectively within an adaptable framework that easily conforms to existing operational requirements, while providing the architecture for future expansion. 

On the customer side, Aspect Unified IP includes capabilities for robust self-service, giving your customers a flexible, mobile way to access services from anywhere, anytime. This reduces the necessary staff resources and attributed costs while increasing customer convenience.

We recommend Aspect Unified IP to companies in all industries seeking a poweful, flexible way to improve their customer engagement experience.


Aspect Unified IP - Numbering plan
  • Aspect Unified IP - Numbering plan
    Numbering plan
  • Aspect Unified IP - Unified command and control admin
    Unified command and control admin
  • Aspect Unified IP - Reporting template
    Reporting template
  • Aspect Unified IP - Agent activity monitoring
    Agent activity monitoring
  • Aspect Unified IP - Outbound service monitoring
    Outbound service monitoring
  • Aspect Unified IP - Reporting capabilities
    Reporting capabilities
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000

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