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Gopher Leads is an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) and lead management solution which helps businesses run sales campaigns and capture new leads. Gopher Leads is built for telecom, manufacturing, utilities and environmental businesses in the United States and Canada. The solution assists businesses in finding new leads and creating up-selling opportunities with existing clients.

Gopher Leads helps businesses monitor their sales pipelines and assists salespeople launch frontline sales campaigns and engage with their clients via email and text messages. Gopher Leads provides an intuitive dashboard for monitoring campaign progress, tracking leads conversion and monitoring key business indicators in real-time.

The solution offers integration with various CRM applications and email service providers such as Salesforce and Gmail for importing and exporting client details. Other features offered by Gopher Leads include gamification of sales campaigns, rewards and recognition programs for employees, lead generation and scoring management, voice-to-text conversion of lead opportunities and business monitoring via mobile apps available for Android and iOS.


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  • Gopher Leads - Lead details with images
    Lead details with images
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    Lead history
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