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OmnipriseCRM provides a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management solution designed to provide companies with a complete view of all customer interactions—in real time—empowering users to easily manage each contact with current and potential clients.

Developed for ease-of-use, OmnipriseCRM enables users to quickly come up to speed, reducing downtime in the transition process. Its scalability also allows companies of any size to more efficiently track business relationships throughout their life-cycle. This system provides robust opportunity and contact tracking, so managers and salespeople can organize their follow-ups with greater accountability. OmnipriseCRM is customizable enough to accommodate virtually any business culture.

This flexibility extends to where it can be used as well, as companies can choose between web-based (cloud) and on-premise hosting. Users can access and update their data on any device with an Internet connection or via specialized applications on the iPhone or iPad.

At its core, OmnipriseCRM excels as "at-a-glance" dashboard management system.  Fully integrated, it can connect each piece of data to the dashboard using a custom report writer. In addition, the dashboard’s drill-down capability enables users to see exactly what is generating on-screen information. These real-time performance snapshots allow every user—from top to bottom—to manage the information that is relevant to them.

OmnipriseCRM also fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook via OmniSync to automatically import all inbound and outbound email. Contact information, calendars, notes, and tasks are synced across Outlook, OmnipriseCRM, and mobile devices so changes made in one system are automatically updated in another. Integration with other third-party software programs is available via OmniAPI.

For companies that need a customizable, scalable Customer Relationship Management tool, OmnipriseCRM offers a simple, client-focused solution.


OmnipriseCRM - At-A-Glance Dashboard Manager
  • OmnipriseCRM - At-A-Glance Dashboard Manager
    At-A-Glance Dashboard Manager
  • OmnipriseCRM - Customer Overview
    Customer Overview
  • OmnipriseCRM - OmniSyn Syning OmnipriseCRM with Outlook
    OmniSyn Syning OmnipriseCRM with Outlook
  • OmnipriseCRM - Report Manager
    Report Manager
  • OmnipriseCRM - Opportunity Overview
    Opportunity Overview
  • OmnipriseCRM - Follow Up Manager
    Follow Up Manager
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Unix, IBM OS/400, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000

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