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This customer relationship management solution best services mid-market and enterprise organizations. It offers industry-specific solutions that meet the needs of various industries, including government, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and education, to name a few. The latest 2013 is a global solution offered in 41 different languages and is ideal for organizations that are committed to the Microsoft stack.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM online offers strong capabilities in sales force automation, customer data management, marketing automation, customer service, and analytics. Notable improvements with the latest release include an improved user interface (UI) and custom dashboards. The new UI requires fewer clicks and has better visualizations. It also provides role-based views to personalize the user experience. Pre-packaged dashboards are available, but users can also create custom ones for monitoring business and personal performance. With the release of the new digital marketplace, users have access to hundreds of applications that can easily be integrated to increase functionality and enhance their solution.

You might opt for a hosted Microsoft CRM solution to cut down on IT and network infrastructure costs. These systems are delivered directly through Microsoft or a hosting partner. Both utilize the same UI, though pricing, value-add features and restrictions may vary. It's important to ask about these differences during your Microsoft Dynamics CRM demo. Users can also easily migrate data from spreadsheets or retired programs. Be sure you discuss such data migration and workflow customization needs before setting up your Microsoft Dynamics CRM trial.

This system has a true multi-tenant architecture and is offered in both on-demand and on-premise deployments. It operates on the .NET framework, allowing developers to integrate other applications using web services technologies. The 2011 release offers native integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SharePoint. This increases interaction between front and back office applications, resulting in an overall boost in productivity. The Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace provides a single location for developers to create and publish their products developed on the .NET platform, all of which can be easily integrated to enhance the solution.

In 2012, the company released advanced mobile capabilities that enables users to access their customer relationship management tools from virtually any device, including Windows Phone 7, iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry. The update also enhanced Web browser options, with compatibility with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. The company also in recent years enabled social activity feeds. Similar to Facebook, users can like or unlike activities in a coworker or customer feed. Managers can also filter status updates by record, topic or customer. This feature make its easier for management to monitor the most relevant information.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Manager Dashboard
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Manager Dashboard
    Manager Dashboard
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Account Entry Screen
    Account Entry Screen
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Campaigns and Newsletters
    Campaigns and Newsletters
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Account Report
    Account Report
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Account Review Dashboard
    Account Review Dashboard
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM - SharePoint Integration for Document Management
    SharePoint Integration for Document Management
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000

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