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Salesbox is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software solution best suited for small to midsize businesses. It is designed with mobile use in mind.

Because Salesbox is designed to work on users’ mobile devices, it also integrates with other smartphone tools, such as dialing, calendars, cameras, contacts, photos and maps. It can record call statistics automatically using these integrations.

Salesbox also has a sales automation tool. Users can customize their sales processes, and Salesbox can help direct them to new sales targets. The system forecasts sales and generates progress for each opportunity, based on which sales activities have been completed.

Salesbox includes a pipeline view, where users can see sales forecasts and check off activities as they are completed. When users add information about an account or contact into the system, it is automatically shared across the whole team.

Salesbox is integrable with a number of other common software solutions for businesses, so information can be automatically updated between Salesbox and other systems.

Salesbox is priced per user per month. Other features include lead scoring, marketing analytics, budget management, social media monitoring and social media analytics. Salesbox works on iPhones, iPads and any computer.


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