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Datacon is a fully integrated clinical charting, billing, and patient scheduling system that provides a host of features for dental practices. This completely scalable system is a great choice for growing practices, and can meet the needs of a single-doctor practice just as easily as large practices with multiple locations.

This adaptable solution can integrate with almost any digital imaging, radiology, or other dental software system, so that no additional software needs to be purchased for a dental practice to be fully operational. It is also completely functional on both Mac and PC workstations, and even works with integrated Mac/PC systems, making it a great option for practices with a mixed computer environment. With paperless charting features, a dental practice can decrease their paper dependence, and eventually go totally paperless, eliminating the need for physical filing systems.

We like Datacon's suite of mobile capabilities and how well the system syncs with the iPad, iPhone, and other mobile devices. A scheduling tool is available as a mobile feature, so that users within the dental practice -  dentists and office staff alike – can have convenient access to their schedules at any time. The mobile function also allows for patient searching with extensive search options, as well as the ability to schedule emergency appointments and check on prescriptions. With this tool, dental professionals are able to better care for their patients, both in and out of the office.

Datacon is a great fit for any dental practice seeking a user-friendly and completely flexible charting, billing and patient scheduling solution with excellent mobile capabilities.


Datacon - Charts and graphs
  • Datacon - Charts and graphs
    Charts and graphs
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    Account ageing list
  • Datacon - Charts and graphs
    Charts and graphs
  • Datacon - Charts
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  • Datacon - Monthly statistics
    Monthly statistics
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows XP, Mac OS

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