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EXACT by Software of Excellence, a Henry Schein company, is practice management software for dental offices of any size and specialty. The system, which can be deployed on-premise via Windows operating systems, offers clients the option to purchase stand-alone electronic health record (EHR)/clinical charting, billing, patient scheduling and/or digital imaging applications.

Automated short message service (SMS) replies and reminders are part of EXACT’s patient scheduling functionalities. These can be used to send patients recall messages or promotional offers, such as discounts on services, in order to help rebook short-notice cancellations. The software’s digital appointment book automatically stores any responses from patients.

An online booking module enables new and existing patients to book appointments any time. Office staff can control the system settings to select which appointment times are publicly displayed online.

When it comes to training, users are given access to an online customer portal containing articles on best practices for using the software, videos, tutorials and other self-help materials.


EXACT - Appointment book
  • EXACT - Appointment book
    Appointment book
  • EXACT - Patient recall
    Patient recall
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8

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from Waiheke Dental Centre
Specialty: General dentistry
Number of employees: 6 to 10 employees Employees number: 6 to 10 employees

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Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality
Likes Best

It brings the information on a patient together in a integrated and easy to use way. Links work. It seems logical to me the way to navigate around.
SOEI Dental can sort issues in a timely manner generally.

Likes Least

A few times the first level of support on contact can not deal with it & it takes more time to get issues resolved


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