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Open Dental is an open source dental suite that has been providing dentists with customizable software since 2003. It includes on-premise electronic charting, billing, practice management and imaging applications that are suitable for both large and small dental practices.

Prescribing capabilities include e-prescribing and printed prescriptions, which can both be filled in using predefined templates. Prescriptions are automatically logged and can be reviewed using a specially created report.

The treatment plan module collects all required treatments for an individual patient, organized in order of priority. Users can send, add and modify preauthorization treatment forms from this module as well as modify fees for individual procedures.

The appointment calendar can be viewed in daily or weekly mode. Appointments can be color-coded to distinguish between providers; white space is defaulted to “available” time and gray to “closed/unavailable.”

Open Dental is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. 


Open Dental - Patient chart
  • Open Dental - Patient chart
    Patient chart
  • Open Dental - Family module
    Family module
  • Open Dental - Treatment plan
    Treatment plan
  • Open Dental - Appointment scheduler
    Appointment scheduler
  • Open Dental - Images module
    Images module
  • Open Dental - Manage functions
    Manage functions
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux, Windows 8

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from Yum Technology, Inc.
Specialty: General dentistry
Number of employees: 2 to 5 employees Employees number: 2 to 5 employees

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Product Quality

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Product Quality
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Free demo conversion to let you experience the product side by side with your existing software. It runs on Linux so the performance is better and can be tweaked. Support is really helpful. The cost is really low and does not include charges for additional plugins or devices. It is all inclusive. Support drops to really low monthly after 12 months (you can even stop paying after 6 months if you feel like you do not need support any more). This is Open Source software, so all the benefits that come with open source are included.

Likes Least

No way to put the server in the cloud because the data is sent unencrypted. This is fine on a local network, but makes it impossible to host the server in the cloud (like Amazon).


Have them convert your database for free and try it out. Nothing to lose but a couple of hours with them on the phone.

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