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As the name suggests, SR2Food is a software program built especially to meet the requirements of the food distribution vertical. The software is a good fit for any business that works in the food distribution market including mea, produce, dairy, seafood, food manufacturers and distributors. The software targets the smaller side of the distribution market, aiming at distributors that have revenues of up to $5 million, up to 50 employees, and need no more than 20 users to access the system. The ideal customer for this solution is currently using QuickBooks as the software has strong integration capabilities with this accounting program.

SR2Food helps food distributors and wholesalers deal with the unique challenges of their industry. The most important function is the lot tracking capabilities that help distributors keep up to date on the status and location of their product. Distributors can sort lots according to the shipping warehouse, perform lot transfers, track the lot history, and keep up to date both the packing and expiration date of the product. This helps keep distributors in line with FDA government regulations and prepare for the event of a food recall.

In addition to support for lot traceability, the software aids with standard shipping and distribution needs. The system promises that users can enter a sales or purchase order into the system in no more than 30 seconds, improving the efficiency of order entry. The software also supports selling items in multiple units of measure, provides buy sheets, and an order entry history to reflect all past sales and purchasing activity of the customer.

Once an order is ready to be shipped, buyers can use the item location function to track down the inventory and easily find which items need to go with each order based on the batch pick report. To plan the shipping route, buyers can use the truck routing function, which utilizes Microsoft’s MapPoint, to automatically select and order the trucking route stops. Barcode scanning capability allows you to capture all shipping data as the product leaves the warehouse with handheld scanners. All these functions helps small and midsized distributors increase their operational efficiency and improve the bottom line.


SR2Food - Main SR2Food Screen
  • SR2Food - Main SR2Food Screen
    Main SR2Food Screen
  • SR2Food - Order Entry Screen
    Order Entry Screen
  • SR2Food - Order Guide Screen
    Order Guide Screen
  • SR2Food - Truck Routing Screen
    Truck Routing Screen
  • SR2Food - Lot Inquiry Screen
    Lot Inquiry Screen
  • SR2Food - Catch Weight Entry Screen
    Catch Weight Entry Screen
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000

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