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SAP ERP Financials is an application from the full SAP Business Suite. Serving almost any industry and any company size, it is a truly versatile ERP solution. Managing risk, compliance, and governance, SAP ERP Financials is effective at increasing visibility within an organization, as well as reducing costs, keeping workflow organized, and minimizing waste. SAP ERP Financials has vertical-specific functionality for the distribution industry.

SAP solutions can integrate with third-party software as well. In this case, companies leveraging software systems from other vendors can keep these existing investments and combine their functionality with SAP in the distribution industry. Even as a fully-functional ERP product, SAP for Distribution delivers complete tracking, management, analytics, reporting, compliance, and collaboration processes.

As profit margins slowly shrink and the pressure to deliver efficiently increases, professionals in the distribution industry will benefit meaningfully in their planning, procurement, warehouse management, order management, and other obligations when they leverage the SAP for Distribution system. This system works well for both mid-sized and large businesses in this industry who want to quicken the pace and efficiency of sales order processing, make customers happier, and improve other general aspects of their business operations. Further drilling down beyond just overall distribution, the system serves the specific needs of companies involved in food and beverage, healthcare, high-tech, and industrial markets.

SAP’s flexibility is derived in part from its service-oriented architecture (SOA), which encourages business-specific functionality and allows interoperation of services. In addition, SAP leverages its NetWeaver technology platform, which allows users to extend their applications across the networks of their customers’ businesses. SAP has an extensive community network of partners and customers that supports the development of additional functionality for many different industries.


SAP - Distribution - SAP Distribution - Sales Quotes
  • SAP - Distribution - SAP Distribution - Sales Quotes
    SAP Distribution - Sales Quotes
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Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic)

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Product Quality
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The integration that SAP offers is extremely well done compared to other ERP software packages available.

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Due to the integration and flexibility to configure SAP to fit many different business processes, SAP is not the most intuitive program to learn for new users.


Try and see past the lack of intuitiveness in the software. The integration with other modules makes it a very powerful tool (once the learning curve is behind you).

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