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WebStudio is enables organizations to deploy a customized e-commerce online store or product catalog solution. The solution is suitable for IT, publishing and marketing departments of organizations of all sizes. Customers can customize and integrate the WebStudio platform with their current IT infrastructure including inventory, pricing, order management and enterprise resource planning systems.

The solution provides product navigation based on Product Information Management (PIM) hierarchy to users. Also, its CatalogStudio WebSync feature keeps all the product information in sync with the customer’s website. WebStudio also offers key features such as Unique Member Log-in, Wish List and InfoCart.

WebStudio provides a 128-bit SSL security feature to its users and its APIs are available for high level customization requirements. Users can manage and publish their images and content from the solution’s central repository to their customized websites. In addition, users can publish location-based and user-based pricing.


WebStudio - Designer
  • WebStudio - Designer
  • WebStudio - Products
  • WebStudio - Multiple devices
    Multiple devices
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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