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Cyanic HSE is cloud-based health, safety and environment (HSE) solution that helps organizations automate business processes and ensure safety and compliance. This product enables users to digitally recreate their paper forms and process documents using Cyanic HSE’s workflow engine.

Other features offered by this product include a customizable dashboard, reporting, digital signature collection, training record management and search options.

Forms for field hazard assessment, tool box meetings, employee warning reports, work site safety inspection, equipment inventory and maintenance, safety activity summaries, witness statements and accident investigation reports are also available.

Cyanic HSE supports offline data entry and the ability to embed photos and other attachments in forms. Other services offered along with the product include compliance and regulatory automation, software integration and business process automation.

Data is encrypted using SSL protocols and can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud. This solution is primarily targeted at small and midsize enterprises in a variety of industries in North America.


Cyanic HSE - User management
  • Cyanic HSE - User management
    User management
  • Cyanic HSE - Add and delete tasks
    Add and delete tasks
  • Cyanic HSE - Training records
    Training records
  • Cyanic HSE - Field-level hazards
    Field-level hazards
  • Cyanic HSE - Login page
    Login page
  • Cyanic HSE - e-Signatures
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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Yaniv from Koler
Specialty: Construction

April 2016

April 2016

A Young Forward Thinking Company with a Drive to Prove Themselves



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

Working with Cyanic Automation was an interesting experience. We have three primary positives that resulted from working with this company.

First off, all the other vendors we contacted for a HSE software had quite a bit of red tape, several patched through phone calls, and other irritants like that before we got to someone we could talk with. With Cyanic the first phone call was with the owner of the company. It was a pleasant surprise to get someone that actually cares about the company and its product, not just someone who wants to earn a commission. So that was the first positive.

The second comes from the product itself. One of their Core Values is simplicity and they deliver. Every single system within the app is at most 2 clicks away. All the buttons are big and easy to use even for our hardiest workers, and they were excellent, quick, and on point for all our training requirements.

The final positive comes from their pricing. They have a medium up-front creation fee, the value really comes from an incredibly low monthly cost. Many other companies charge per user, and it often runs into thousands a month for even a medium size company. Cyanic charges a single licensing fee across the board regardless of how many users you have. And it is significantly lower then you are expecting, even after I just told you it is low. So that is where our third positive came from.

Likes Least

The only thing I was less then enthusiastic about was while the owner was very good about communicating with us, there were often other quick interruptions even during our web-calls. I would recommend that the owner starts to delegate some of the smaller tasks so he can concentrate on his clients fully during each meeting.


I would emphasis how important it is that the product is easy to use. Finding a software that conforms to your current business practices like Cyanic does, Versus a software that is more complex and requires you to change your business to fit around it can cause huge productivity losses for the time it takes for your business to adapt. With Cyanic it was nearly business as usual even during the initial couple of weeks. Except that it was online instead of Paper booklets.

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