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Zoho Campaigns is a web-based email marketing solution that offers customer relationship management (CRM) and social media integration.

This product enables users to reach out and engage with their customers by automating the marketing process, from the creation of custom email-based campaigns to maintaining and segregating mailing lists.

Zoho Campaigns lets users create email campaigns using either pre-defined or customized templates. The system features mass mailing to mailing lists and the tracking and reporting of email and social media marketing campaigns to improve audience engagement.

Zoho Campaigns also provides integration with Zoho’s CRM suite, allowing users to see the results of campaigns by logging to their CRM accounts.

Users can promote their campaigns on social media platforms and create landing pages for customers on Facebook. 


Zoho Campaigns - Email marketing
  • Zoho Campaigns - Email marketing
    Email marketing
  • Zoho Campaigns - Standard marketing templates
    Standard marketing templates
  • Zoho Campaigns - Scheduled campaign
    Scheduled campaign
  • Zoho Campaigns - Recipient activity
    Recipient activity
  • Zoho Campaigns - Workflow Introduction
    Workflow Introduction
  • Zoho Campaigns - Android campaigns index
    Android campaigns index
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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Jeanette from National Care Home Health
Specialty: Healthcare

August 2016

August 2016

Convenient and easy to use



Product Quality

Customer Support
Value for Money

Likes Best

I found Zoho campaigns was very convenient to use since we use Zoho already for CRM. Convenient but does lack some of the features provided by other email campaign management softwares like Mailchimp. Decent for our current list of clients but not to get new ones.

Likes Least

Limited features but get's the job done. Doesn't have a lot of design capability.


Good for current clients in list but not the best for really nice email designs.

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