PENTA Service Management Software


Designed to simplify operations for firms who provide field service, PENTA Service Management software helps manage dispatching, maintenance contracts, mobile field data collection, work orders, and invoicing. It is part of PENTA, an enterprise system designed by Penta Technologies for larger firms who perform commercial and industrial field service work.

Mobile iPad apps include advanced capabilities to ensure the entire service team--in the office and the field--has access to real-time information. Also included are functions for signature capture, logging time, equipment, materials, inventory, and more.

PENTA Service Management helps companies analyze past business performance to identify trends and areas for improvement. Managers can monitor KPIs in graphical format through Role-Based Workbenches, and they can forecast future service costs and projected revenue.

We recommend PENTA Service Management to larger service contractors with more than 50 users in industries like construction, electrical, utilities, commercial and manufacturing equipment, among others.


PENTA Service Management - Mobile Field Service iPad App
  • PENTA Service Management - Mobile Field Service iPad App
    Mobile Field Service iPad App
  • PENTA Service Management - Enterprise Content Management
    Enterprise Content Management
  • PENTA Service Management - Role-Based Workbenches
    Role-Based Workbenches
  • PENTA Service Management - Project Management
    Project Management
  • PENTA Service Management - Customer Self-Service Portal
    Customer Self-Service Portal
  • PENTA Service Management - Mobile Project Management Workbench
    Mobile Project Management Workbench
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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