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ControlBoard® is a real-time dispatch and scheduling fleet management system for the Commercial Construction industry. Offered by Congistics Corporation, it takes the idea of planning using a white board and allows it to be done electronically via a set of networked PC’s, smartphone, tablets, and the cloud, across an organization. Business rules, work flow and intra/inter-department collaboration can now be accomplished as part of managing the project.

ControlBoard combines the process of planning, scheduling, dispatching and managing resources assigned to jobs. Users can create weekly or monthly look-ahead schedules without the need to use a whiteboard to plan projects. Since it is a multi-user system, schedules can be created and shared across the entire enterprise. Resources can be allocated to jobs, equipment moves can be scheduled, and tasks can be dispatched to the proper people in one integrated system.

ControlBoard was created after carefully studying the business processes of fast paced construction companies moving million dollar assets in real time.


ControlBoard - Schedule Screens
  • ControlBoard - Schedule Screens
    Schedule Screens
  • ControlBoard - Job Timeline
    Job Timeline
  • ControlBoard - To Do
    To Do
  • ControlBoard - Truck Schedule
    Truck Schedule
  • ControlBoard - Job Listing
    Job Listing
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Mike from RW Collins
Specialty: Construction/heavy equipment

June 2015

June 2015

Well designed for the construction industry



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

The vendor is extremely responsive and flexible. The product is also flexible, easy to use and easy to customize to your own circumstances.

Likes Least

I have very little bad to say about this product. For the money you spend you are getting a good value. The GUI is not as impressive as some if its more expensive competitors though.


Map out your business process first before you launch Control Board. If you are in the construction industry this product will very likely be a good fit for you but it is only as good as your planning before implementation.

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