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HCSS GPS is a fleet management solution that offers standalone GPS tracking for vehicles, as well as integrated dispatching and scheduling, fleet maintenance, compliance and IFTA, and more. The system can be deployed in the cloud, or installed on a local server. It’s compatible on many different platforms, including Mac, Windows, mobile devices, and iPads.

HCSS GPS was initially designed for the construction and heavy equipment industry, but can also suit the needs of the oil & gas vertical, utilities, trucking, and several others. The system helps technicians and office staff track their vehicles’ schedules, delivery times, location data, costs, and more in a single interface. Its reporting function allows for quick exporting of daily cost analyses and invoices.

HCSS GPS is offered at several different plans and price points. All plans include 2-year warranties, 24/7 support, and full access to HCSSGPS.com.


Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 10

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Cody from Baranko Bros., Inc.
Specialty: Construction/heavy equipment

February 2016

February 2016

This has been a very helpful product thus far for our company.



Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality
Likes Best

The GPS seems to be pretty accurate and works well. We use it on a daily basis to track pickups and trucks. The support for this has been very helpful working out all of our bad products/wires/etc. We are starting to use the telematics more and it is helpfuk for tracking hours and mileage each day, week, month, year.

Likes Least

The new mobile website is a bit difficult to navigate. I have had some trouble transitioning from the old website to the new. We have expressed a lot of our issues with the HCSS support team after they flew up to North Dakota to hear our issues. It has been slowly getting better but is is not near perfect yet.


Need to watch closely on some of the pings/tracking and such to learn the way the software and GPS works. Once you better understand how it tracks it makes it much easier to track and know what is going on.

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