Taxi Mobile Solutions Software


Taxi Mobile Solutions is a web-based, fleet management program designed to help taxi companies manage and dispatch both on-demand and scheduled ride reservations. The program is white-labeled, allowing any taxi company to apply their own branding, and is iOS and Android compatible.

Through Taxi Mobile Solutions, drivers have their own unique login, enable their “on duty” and “off duty” status, view passenger request details, and process credit card and cash payments and tips all from their own mobile device. The program also allows drivers to view feedback and individual ratings from each passenger. For business owners, Taxi Mobile Solutions provides a dashboard to view at-a-glance reports containing Taxi, Driver, and Company data; access to each driver profile along with real-time statuses; management of transaction logs and transaction details; and allows owners to add an unlimited number of taxis and drivers to each company.


Taxi Mobile Solutions - Home Screen
  • Taxi Mobile Solutions - Home Screen
    Home Screen
  • Taxi Mobile Solutions - Ride Options
    Ride Options
  • Taxi Mobile Solutions - Ride Estimates
    Ride Estimates
  • Taxi Mobile Solutions - Fare Information
    Fare Information
  • Taxi Mobile Solutions - Driver Details
    Driver Details
  • Taxi Mobile Solutions - Options
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8, Windows 10

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